My Crazy Bucket List

I have a bucket list.

It's crazy.

Well, actually, it's not *that* crazy. But anyway... I have a bucket list. And on some strange whim, I have decided to share it with y'all. Why? I really don't know, other than it might serve to scare you away from my blog even further, which really doesn't sound like such a grand idea to me... Huh, well, don't run away! Courage lads (and lasses), courage!

So without further ado, here is ze' crazy bucket list 'o mine:

  • Go Skydiving. I'm afraid of heights, and I hate airplanes. No, I don't see the logic behind this desire either.
  • Drive a combine all by myself. I'm fairly easy to please on this one; Driving a CR9000 would be awesome, but I'd be content with just a little Case IH...
  • Drive a really BIG John Deere tractor. Twelve wheels. Big. No idea what I'd do in there... I just want to feel the power. I might even accept a second person in the cab.
  • Learn to fish!! Complete!
  • Go bowfishing for Alligator Gar. Bowfishing. Google it. And while you're at it, Google an image for Alligator Gar; they're a fish, not the reptile that first comes to mind. What on earth I would do with a 6' long, 200+ pound fish, I don't know... But I am now officially terrified of dipping my toes into any freshwater in the Missouri or Mississippi river, for fear of a gar fish biting them! o_O
  • Go elk hunting with a bow. At least I'd know what to do with an Elk. 
  • Attend the National Sheepdog Trials. It'd be awesome if I was competing, but seeing as you have to have a Border Collie to do that, I guess I'll be content with watching it...
  • Learn Kung Fu. Just smile and nod... Never mind. Kung Fu is HARD!
  • Keep a superhero cape in my purse and don it before assisting someone in need.
  • Go to a Scotty McCreery concert. Complete as of 8-2014!
  • Learn videography.
  • Publish a book of my own writing. :)


Mother Hen said...
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Anonymous said...

"Keep a superhero cape in my purse and don it before assisting someone in need".....LOVE it. Caitlyn, you are too much. Good luck in your farming adventure~!