Friday, October 29, 2010

Saving Seeds...

Ta da!! this was my first year ever to save seeds from my garden!

The foundation stock is from Baker Creek heirloom seeds, and this particular variety is called 'Bean Contender'. Inside the packet, there were only about 30 small seeds. But from those 30 seeds, we got many, many yummy meals, and enough seeds saved to fill the packet 2 1/2 times over! 

The beans themselves are very tender and delicious while small, and have an ever-so-slightly fuzzy feel to them. (Which makes it perfect for throwing at people because then they stick!) 

I am so excited to save more seeds next year!! :D


Garden of Glory said...

Good for you!

The only time I tried to dry and save bean seeds, there was a kind of bean weevil which hid in the seeds and ate and multiplied in the container over the winter :( So I opened it in the spring only to find them ruined. It has kind of scared me off of seed saving, though I know I need to begin doing so.

Mennagerie Farm said...

You should try again, Emily! Whenever I fail in something, I just remind myself that "it took me 12 years to get through school, therefore I need to try again in 'X' area until I get it right. Even if it takes me 12 years!!". ;) It usually helps...