Friday, November 19, 2010

For the first time.... There's not enough.

 In the past, it always seemed like the trees would never stop dropping leaves. As soon as you thought you had raked up every rogue leaf, there were hundreds more all around! This year, I have been busy raking up the leaves, and putting a thick layer on the garden. Why is it, that when you don't want 'em, they're everywhere, and when you do want them, they suddenly become scarce!? :-/ 

The garden is halfway covered, and I desperately need to finish covering it before the frosts come. The half that is covered looks so pretty, much like a patchwork quilt in autumn hues. One square of fiery colored maple leaves, one of drab Cottonwood, a streak of apple here and there, and one purple patch of pear.... ;)

I've begun to look at trees differently lately. It's like another sort of harvest.... You watch the trees as their colors turn, and whoop with joy in the morning when you see a thick layer of leaves everywhere, like snow. Our property is surrounded by trees, I would have thought that there was enough to cover the garden area, but I don't know... We'll see. 

I love autumn....

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Anonymous said...

You need leaves?? eh, I got leaves!! You want em, I deliver em!
Seriously, I need to dump some leaves from my landscape business do you want them? I think they're mostly oak, but there's some aspen, maple, etc. About a pickup truck load. Also I was looking down on your blog and it looks like you have goat milk for sale?? We have been looking and looking and LOOKING for raw goat milk!!! Please email me at I'd love to get in touch to get some milk!