Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things might get interesting around here...

 It's been so nice lately.... Mr. Jasper finally left, making the barn a peaceful place once more. Three goats is a really nice number; it's not too small, but neither is it a horde. But I must enjoy the peace while I can, for things may get interesting very soon...

 A fellow goat friend has been having flooding problems on her property since autumn, and now with winter here, she has been faced with the possibility of having to evacuate all of her goats until the problem is resolved. And where do I fit in here? Ahem, I offered to "goat-sit" all of her goats for as long as needed.

And how many goats does she have?


Yup, I may find myself with a whopping 33 goats jumping around the place!!!

Nine of those thirty are milkers, somewhere around fifteen are meat goats and the rest are dry yearlings and kids.

Honestly though, I am so ecstatic about the possibility of having a horde of goats everywhere!! Yes, I am a true-blue goat lover and the more I have, the merrier I be! ;) 

My poor cow though, what will she think when her home is suddenly invaded by a bunch of crazy caprines?! ;D

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