Monday, January 21, 2013

The Pumpkin Hulsey Stag

With the help of a sister, I finally managed to get some pictures of my Pumpkin Hulseys today! 

Wonder of wonders, I did indeed end up with one pullet (young female), and one stag (young male). Because of the amount of pictures I got, I'm splitting this into two posts. One for each bird. 

First is my lovely stag! I was dissapointed to see that he ended up not being the color that I like. You know, the whole "pumpkin" coloring?? That was the desired result. He's still show quality, so I think he'll stick around for his genetic pool. 

Other than his color, I am quite pleased with him. He's a good boy. :) 


Nancy po said...

I like the colors. I thought the boys were usually called cockerels or?

Goat Song said...

Male chickens usually are cocks, cockerels, or roosters. But the cockfighting breeds go by different terms; young males are known as "stags" until they reach maturity (although some breeders will argue that the term 'stag' applies to all ages). One mature, they're usually called roosters at that point.