Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

Yep, today is my birthday. :) The farmer behind GSF is now the grand auld age of twenty one. 

And you know what? I think it's been a good birthday so far. Granted, it's not over yet (did I hear someone say presents and birthday cake!?), but so far I'm quite pleased. My morning started out with the arrival of one gorgeous bovine named Cinnamon:

Glory be, I can't get over her pretty face!! Cinnamon is a Jersey/Holstein cross who is already in milk, and did I mention that she's a looker?? No? Ain't she purdy!? LOL. Okay, I've probably made my point... But to explain my excitement slightly, I've *always* wanted a dark colored cow that has the orange points on her nose and poll; I just happen to think it's a striking contrast that looks lovely on cows. ;) So I was excited to get this pretty girl today. Although, I don't know if Cinnamon will be a permanent member here; I'm only borrowing her for the time, from a sweet friend who knew I was hurting for another cow. And yes, I need to give y'all the scoop on what's going on with Ellie (not exactly a happy ending with her...), but I'm not going to do it right now. It's my birthday, folks; and if I can avoid talking about unhappy subjects on my birthday then you can bet your boots that I will do so. Soon, though. Soon.

Following the arrival of the cow, was an afternoon of bowling with the family. I like bowling. :) I'm horrible at it (I excel at gutter balls and knocking down only 1 or 2 pins at a time), but it's fun. Although, bowling doesn't like me back so much... After only an hour of playing, my left hand was aching and threatening to go numb (and I was using the lightest ball! Only 8 lbs!). But a double dose of painkiller helped the problem. Hehehe. 

Next up is dinner (steak grilled 'til medium rare... Oh goodness.), and then of course the highlight of all birthdays which is presents and birthday cake. Although I don't like blowing out all those candles... Or being sung to; hmm, wonder if there's anyway I can skip that? *begins thinking up sneaky plots to thwart plans of singing and candle blowing*

Tonight, after aaaaall that food,doing the milking chores, and doing oodles of other things that will most likely wear me out, I get to crash on the couch with the family and watch a movie 'til midnight. At first the plan was to watch Princess Bride ("Mawwiage is wot bwings us togevah, today!"), but by some strange twist of fate, I changed my mind. LOL. Believe it or not, we're not going to watch Batman; "The Dark Knight". I'm looking forward to it. :) Christian Bale versus Heath Ledger? Bring it on. 


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!
<3 Tasha

Little Homestead In Boise said...

She's gorgeous and happy birthday!

Emily S. said...

Happy Birthday! I am a recent follower of your blog and enjoy reading through your older posts. I also appreciate your quick response when I asked your advice on my kids with coccidiosis. Hope you had a great day!