Monday, May 19, 2014

Feeling Old

  I accidentally locked myself out of my own blog. Yep, I am that talented. I did this storm of password changing (like almost everyone else in America seemed to be doing??) and of course did it late at night when I wasn't thinking properly... Come morning, I realized that I had no idea what my new blogger password was. Oy vey. Google wasn't a whole lot of help, but after trying, trying again, and RE-trying, I finally managed to get a NEW password, and was then able to let myself back in. So here I am. In one piece. And almost a month later.

  I'm not even sure what to write, right about now! Life's been a crazy whirlwind of farmer's market, getting the gardens in, milking cows, enduring thunder storms, having my favorite (no favorite's allowed) sister out for a visit, and getting ready to visit my grandparents down in MS again this week. :) Oh yeah, and feeling sick. Blah. I've never been one for migraines, but I've had two in the last few days, and the headaches refuse to leave me alone. Not. Fun. And my naturopath is apparently giving me some sort of herb to take, as a gentle sedative, since my stress levels are too high. Hehehe. That makes me feel old. Not yet 22 years old, and I'm already taking something for stress levels. Oh well; I admit that I do need some sort of help at times, because I. GET. STRESSED. OUT. It's an introvert problem. A lot of times it's not even anything huge that sets me off; I may just be listening to the dinner-time conversation, which usually strays to news of war, natural disasters, deaths, and other such gloomy things... Next thing I know, I'm in "freeze mode"; tense, trembling, quiet, and unable to shake myself out of the funk until the next day. WHY can't we talk about happy things at the table??? Like the fireflies that just came out? Or the healthy baby that someone at church just had, or balloons? Balloons count. Oh well. I'm getting old-lady sedative stuff to help the problem. ;) 

  Soooo... Yeah. I don't know what to write. Just doing that tiny little bit has me tired. I've been uber tired for the past few days (goes with the migraines/headaches), and I've basically been napping in all my spare time. Sorry you don't get more of an update than this, but I have no more words for y'all right now. My body wants another nap... And food. Food sounds good.


Goat Song said...
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Megan said...

Did you try my suggestion, sitting with an ice pack on your neck and feet in a tub of warm water when the migraine starts kicking in?
That and some ibuprofen always helped my migraines, unless I let them get too bad. Then the only think that worked was to throw up and go sleep for about 5 hours.

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well!! Go out for a short jog in the beautiful outdoors and kick that migraine to the curb!! Probably easier said then done and I typed that as I've been dragging my hiney all day!!! Hang in there kiddo and have fun with your mamaw and papaw!!!


Goat Song said...

Meg, I'll have to give that a try. They really are terrible to endure. :-/

Anonymous said...

Ok, I've been patient for ages. How is everything going?