Monday, November 24, 2014

Mr. and Mrs...

   You know you're desperate for a picture when you copy an unedited image from your sister's Facebook page. But yes, I was desperate (Emily, I'm considering withholding your Christmas present if I don't get my pictures soon!). Anyway... I'll fuss at her later. But here's a teeny, tiny teaser picture for y'all! Ze' farm girl done got herself hitched last week!! The wedding was delightfully small, very fast (30 minutes from walking down the aisle, to getting into the getaway truck!), and overall very relaxed and enjoyable. I had no wedding decorations, there was no theme, only a dozen people were invited to come, we had no "custom vows", I had a simple bouquet made entirely up of sunflowers, all the music was done by one guitarist, only my dad and one of my sisters could fly out for the event, my sister took pictures, did my makeup, and my hair, and my husband and I drove away in my blue Ford pickup truck. ;) 

  To me, it was a perfect wedding, and exactly how I wanted it. 

  The honeymoon was amazing and now here we are: Mr. and Mrs.! I am so, so happy with this new stage of life! A few of you have asked what we'll be doing now, where we'll live and all that. I really can't give you a whole lot of information, but suffice to say, I married a military man. He leaves the state in just a few weeks and I won't set eyes on him for 3 months. My hope is that maybe by April we'll finally get to live together again. We both knew this right from the start, and it was one reason why we decided to have a short engagement; at least then we would have a little bit of time together before the first round of his military absence. This is why I'm no longer farming... This is why Gyp had to leave. This is why y'all never had answers before about him, and will probably never be able to know his name, or even see a picture of his face. Because he is a military man, and I am now a military wife. I have agreed to this lifestyle willingly though; while knowing full well that his career may make me a widow sooner than my mom, or possibly even my grandma. But I pray every day that he'll be safe wherever he goes, and we'll have a long, crazy, joyful  marriage together. :) 

 And for the record, having a new last name takes a lot of getting used to. ;) 

Oh, and P.S. I do have a new blog in the works; I'll give the link once it's finished, and then we can all move over there and be all sociable again. :) 


Brenda said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you will enjoy this new adventure in your life. It's good to hear that you are so happy.

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous!
Thank you for the pic.
I feel some of your pain, my little brother is shipping off to 'boot camp' on Dec 31st.

Mayhap it'll make your love sweeter.

I'll read what ever you write.

Tasha <3

Goat Song said...

Tasha, what branch is your brother going in?

Anonymous said...

He's going in the Army 11B (infantry). What is your boy in? Or don't you want to say.


Goat Song said...

My guy's a Marine. :)

Aqil R said...

congratulation..wish you happily ever after.
sad to hear that you have to stop farming.

Knowledge Fire said...

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Anonymous said...

How are you? you haven't posted in a million years!