Monday, January 24, 2011

My New Girlie

 I am so happy right now!! ;) I got another goat! 

A friend decided to re-home his goats and asked if I wanted his Nubian doe, named 'Penny'. 

Hmmmm, do I want a free goat? ;)

Hehe, on Saturday afternoon, Penny found herself at Mennagerie Farm.

As is turns out, Penny was originally from the same farm as Capri! Small world! 

She is a real sweetheart and I think she will do well here. I love her loooooong ears the best; I thought Ivy's 8" ears where long, but compared to Penny's they're actually quite short!

And yes, poor Poppy (my cow) is feeling a little outnumbered right now.... ;)


Anonymous said...

hmm, looks like a nice goat....seems like I've seen her somewhere before, though.....

Mennagerie Farm said...

Naaah, you've never seen this goat before. ;)

She's a definitely beauty, I think my other goats are a little jealous. :D

Jazkabor said...

She is so pretty! Can't wait to meet her tomorrow! : )