Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Handspun Goodness

I like yarn...

I enjoy knitting too, but spinning is a passion...

These are my latest creations:

On the far left is a beaded, two-ply, gray alpaca skein. Middle skein is natural colored, 2-ply Blue Faced Leicester (sheep), and the far right is a fawn colored, 2-ply, beaded baby alpaca. 

The gray is called, "Gypsy", the BFL is "Simplicity", but the fawn does not yet have a name...

Any suggestions?

I have an Etsy shop which has been pathetically empty for almost a year now, so I'm working on reviving it, and stocking some yarn in there soon. But it's driving me crazy not having a name for my favorite skein!

Silky soft, high luster, beaded... This is one of my favorite skeins I've done yet...

But then, it's baby alpaca, so of course it's nice. ;)

I believe this skein will be up for sale soon (I actually have two of this kind; making a total of somewhere around 298 yards), but not until it's named!! 

Of course, there's always the chance that I may trade it for something at the OFFF... I always like to trade things at the festival, instead of using money. It's loads of fun! There's definitely an art to pulling off a good trade. Last year I came home with a lovely alpaca fleece, some spindles, some sheep roving, a rabbit, and some yarn; all without paying a cent. I could have brought a lamb home, by trade alone, but there wasn't any room in the car for it. Bummer.

So, what think ye'? I need a name for this lovely yarn...


Autumn said...

I think the name Margarite fits well. Here's the definition:

a gray, pink, or yellow mica, occurring in brittle monoclinic crystals.

The beads made me think of pearls, so I almost thought Pearlescent, but it was more peach-y in some middle pictures you showed.

Hannah said...

Wow, your pictures are beautiful!

I wish I was more creative with names... I came up with prairie. ;)

I hope you have fun at OFFF!! Maybe you can home with great treasures again. :)

Goat Song said...

Oh thank you for the suggestions!! :D After some thought, I think I am going to go with 'Pearlescent'. Autumn, the last two pictures show the best color. It's a soft, ivory shade. :)

Thanks again!