Friday, June 21, 2013

Lost Muse

It's always a little strange to me, when I go back through all my unpublished posts...  I've got 120 that never made the cut; most of them are only half written. Some I couldn't find the words for, some didn't sound right, some I still needed to mull over (three years of mulling, and I'm still not finished?).

Going through some of those posts leaves me wondering where I was going with them. Quite a few of them sound pretty good, but then they end halfway. I lost my muse and burned out before I finished. And reading back through them, I still can't quite grasp what I was leading up to. What was my climax? How did I want it to end? I usually find that my writing muse comes at the worst of times. I'll be washing dishes, milking the cow, or moving the sheep when I suddenly have a post idea that I'm dying to write. I'll have the entire post written out just beautifully and so I rush through what I'm doing, hurry to the computer and -- it's gone. Can't remember what on earth I was going to write about. Grr. 

Maybe someday I'll be able to start cleaning out my drafts by finishing up and publishing them. But for now they remain in my archives, like ghosts that have yet to learn that time forgives. Slowly though, perhaps they'll see the light of day, and be more than a half finished thought... 

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