Friday, June 7, 2013

The Gang's All Here

I had a dilemma: the grass in the 98 acres was getting taller and taller, and Ellie couldn't handle it all by herself. I wanted most of the front pasture to get grazed down soon so that it would begin growing again before the summer slump came. Then a FB friend offered a solution: she had thirteen sheep that needed some pasture; she even sweetened the deal by saying she'd bring all the fencing materials and I could keep two ewe lambs for my troubles. 

Now really, how on earth could one possibly say 'no' to such a slick offer?? I don't see how one could, so therefore I said 'yes'. We struck a deal on when to bring my summer flock and today was that day.

The sheep have landed. Thirteen of 'em. The gang's all here, folks.

So without further ado... Here are the new faces here at GSF. 

I'm rather pleased with them. :)


nancy said...

Yum, yum, they all look happy! Luscious looking grass :)

Prairie Kari said...

WooHoo! - Sheep are something I really want to add to my farm so would love to read more blogs from you on sheep - daily care and supplements - (Caitlyn style of course!) and how you make out with the net fence. Are they outside 24/7 so the net is their protection from all the big bad uglies that want to eat them or are they coming in at night?

Would love to see an after picture too of the piece of pasture you show in the pics above. I have too much grass that my fussy horses will never eat and sheep seem to be the answer for me too! Kari