Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Florida, Here I Come

  Did I really say that part of me was "looking forward to below zero weather"?? Someone please slap me next time I say something as ridiculous as that. Sunday was cold, with the lowest temps at -12F and a windchill of -30F. Cold, COLD, COLD!! I think I can honestly say I've never experienced anything like that before. Milking the cows was barely tolerable since I got to lean up against a big, warm bovine; but the spray from the milk still froze onto my hands and made instant "milk-cicles" when squirted anywhere but straight into the pail. Oh brrr was it cold. Walking back home through the stinging snowfall was like walking through fire; it was so cold that it burned. Monday was down to sixteen below zero (oy vey!), but that was almost a bit more bearable since there was no wind. Either that or I was too numb to notice it as much, which is really quite likely.

  And then today... It was 31F above zero. See that? Above Zero. Yahooo!!!! Oh gracious me, it was so balmy and warm that I didn't need my Carhartt coat; just a light fleece sweater. Of course, I was also working at a fast pace and near a big burn pile, so that might have helped some. *ahem*

  With luck the weather forecast will hold, and we should be at a glorious 40-45F by Saturday!! ^_^ I'm really hoping this sticks, 'cause guess what I'm doing??? No, I do not have a date. Admit it, it crossed your mind. ;) Sorry, but no. Nope, this girl is signed up for an airsoft war come 10:30am! Now THAT probably didn't cross your mind, did it? Hehehe. Now, I've done airsoft before, but I've only used those teeny, tiny handguns that you get at Walmart for $20 or less, and it was against like -- two other people. This time around though, I've got a fully-automatic rifle (loaned to me for the week), and it's going to be a good sized group of other crazy people all dressed in camo, who have pretty much all had enough military training to make this war feel authentic. I'm so excited for Saturday that it's almost pathetic. And I already don't want to give this rifle back. LOL. I think I'm permanently spoiled on this "fully-automatic" gig. 

 After Saturday, I have no idea what the weather is supposed to do. I really hope we don't have another cold snap though. If we do, then I'm sorely tempted to pack my bags and move to Florida!! Okay, maybe not really... But Florida sounds awesome right about now as I look outside at 12 inches of snow that can't even be made into a decent snowball. 

  What's the weather like in your neck of the woods? Anyone here suffering from colder temperatures than what I've had this week?


Sherry Holmes said...

I thought you were crazy when you said you were looking forward to our ARctic blast. Over here in NE Kansas, I am ready for spring and green growing things. Enjoy your war, I am going to be butchering chickens for the first time if our weather is as nice as it promises to be. EEEK.

Anonymous said...

Yup, here in Chicago it was -40 with wind chill for a couple of days. It's the one of coldest ever recorded. My hands got stuck to the milk machine and I had to put hot water on them to get them back.

Lindsay Hermanson said...

Here in central Saskatchewan it was -46° with a windchill of -54°

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have you here in FLA! Mims, to be exact. Cold tonight, though. Down to 46! Brrrr....