Saturday, January 4, 2014

Good Boy, Gyp

  Below is a picture of Gyp that I snapped while I was in Mississippi. I love this picture because it shows just how much my pup has changed. Folks, he ain't a pup anymore! He's a grown dog! His ears are permanently in those positions too; the left ear is always cocked upright, while the right ear is folded down. It makes me smile every time I see it. He's still a little guy, weighing only 35 lbs., and he's just about done growing. I expect he'll be 45 lbs. maximum... He and I have finally settled into a good routine here, in which I put him in the dog run with the neighboring family's dogs (two collies, one mutt) before milking, and then he stays there until nightfall; then I walk up in the darkety dark and go get him. Unless it's insanely cold outside, he runs amok every which way in the dark for a few hours before I let him inside, and the spoiled boy has gotten into the habit of sleeping on top of my bed. I've decided I don't mind sharing my twin sized bed with the galoot, seeing as he's toasty warm and it's like having a heater at my back/feet with him around. Although, he has this awful habit of rolling in his sleep, and twice now he's rolled right off the bed. If I laugh when I hear the crash and yelp, I ain't saying. *cough, cough*

 photo SAM_0322.jpg

  We haven't done any herding work here yet, and probably won't until spring time. I don't know my way around MO enough yet to want to brave slick roads, so Gyp and I are just going to wait things out until spring arrives. There's time... There's time. We both have years ahead to get this herding thing down.

  I am so glad I was able to bring my dog with me to this internship. The people here are flat out awesome, but there's just something about having a loyal dog that makes me feel complete. That, and I sure love going to sleep listening to the heartbeat of another creature...

  If you're ever looking for a good dog, I highly recommend these English Shepherds. :) They can't be beat.

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Anonymous said...

They grow so fast don't they! I saw a picture of a painting on another blog I read that I thought you might like.

You may already read this blog of course. Anyway, look at the lap of the mother. (Big Grin) Looks just like Gemma, and one side of I find it intriguing that in a lot of the old farm paintings that I see with dogs in them, the dogs happen to be English Shepherds.(Well, look like them anyway.) I had read that they were very popular at one time on family farms and as family pets. Why oh why are they rare now? They are such WONDERFUL animals.