Monday, July 7, 2014

It's Been Grand

   This post has been a long time in coming... I've been avoiding it, really. Thinking to myself that I'd wait another week, another month, another whatever. But today is the day.

  This blog is retiring. To Sing With Goats is being turned into a dusty archive; still readable, still view-able, but the cobwebs will begin to collect as time goes on, and no one will be here to dust them away.

  I was originally planning on starting a completely new blog, and even had a professional web designer working on it over the last month. But... I wasn't excited about it. So I emailed the designer a couple days ago and cancelled everything. This girl needs a sabbatical from social media. A very, very, very long one. I may someday get back into blogging, but I don't know for sure. And if I do, it will not be about farming. My days of farming are coming to an end, and to be honest, I'm glad. I'm ready for a break even from this. 

 Farewell my friends. Y'all have been wonderful to get to know over the years, and it's been grand, getting to ramble and rant here. Good luck with your ventures! As for me? I'm not entirely sure what adventures lie ahead, but I think they'll be pretty good. :) 

 Toodle pip and cheerio!


Kelly said...

God brings different things in different seasons of life so it is an exciting time to see what new season HE will have for you!

Hannah C. said...

I've really enjoyed keeping up with you on your blog! You are such a good writer. I totally understand needing a break, though! May God bless you in Missouri!!!

Brenda said...

I also have enjoyed reading about your adventures. I hope you enjoy the next adventures in your life. :D

Anonymous said...

This is sad. I'm impressed with how much you wrote! I tried, and managed three posts. =P
May God guide you and bless you and your people.
I do have one question though...
How is your 'courtship' going?

Have you heard of Cody Holmes? He's pretty amazing.


Illinois Lori said...

Good luck to you, Caitlyn! Keep in touch if you like, and if you ever feel a need for a touch of farm in the future, you're welcome to visit! It's tough to be a farmer until you have a farm...I give you credit for getting as far as you did!

Illinois Lori said...

One other question...will you (puhleeeeez) leave your blog up, for those of us who very much enjoy referencing it for the body of knowledge and experience that it represents? We thinking of trying Freedom Rangers next year, and were planning on referring back to your posts about your experience with them. Please let me (all of us) know if you'll leave the blog up and readable. Thanks!