Friday, October 10, 2014

From The Abyss... A Forgotten Voice

 This blog is "dead". I, the writer, deemed it that some months ago.

  And yet, out of the black abyss of nothingness comes this little voice today...

  "I think I miss blogging..."

  Thus begins the internal turmoil of a writer who feels she has a forgotten voice. A writer who doesn't even know what to write about right now. But misses it nevertheless. 

  I'm not yet sure what to do about this conundrum. Or even if you'll ever see another post here. I just randomly had a strong hankering to "blog" today.

  I think I miss you guys too. I liked our chatter we had going. 

  We'll see what happens... I may have to break down and start a new blog (which I doubt any of y'all would be interested in reading since I'm no longer farming). Or maybe the mood will pass (doubtful). Or maybe I'll suddenly sprout wings and then I'll be so busy flying around and being awesome, that I won't feel the need to blog (worldwide statistics of this phenomenon happening aren't very encouraging though). 

 P.S. Yes, you read that right. I'm no longer farming. And I'm okay with this. Why am I okay with this? *Ahem* Guess who's getting married in about a month! ;) Oooooh the evil tease. Hehehe...


Erin said...

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

While I did enjoy reading what you had to say about farming, I'll likely read anything you write. I like your writing voice and while we didn't know each other well, I enjoyed getting to know you and I'd enjoy it if you kept "in touch" even if it's only a very sporadic post. (I LOVE my RSS feed reader...)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming wedding!! I think we would want to read your blog even if you aren't farming. All the wedding prep and stuff might be fun to see(:

Anonymous said...

*Raises fist in air* BLOG! BLOG! BLOG! BLOG! :)

Hannah C. said...

What? Wedding? :D That's so exciting! I always love hearing from you. :)

Sherry said...

I wrote this once and it disappeared so if it posts twice. Well I'm tech challenged. Anyway. I was just thinking of you the other morning and your blog and what you had gotten up to. It's funny how blogs connect folk and make them feel like old friends. Glad to hear from you and congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Blessings to you in your future!!

Anonymous said...

SHE'S Back!!!! Congratulations!
I missed you! You feel like a friend, which I guess is kinda creepy, since you don't know anything about me...Hi, I'm one of your stalker fans. =)

BTW, how dare you post without any pictures??!?

Please keep writing, I'm curious about...
What's going to happen to you? Man, I sound like a creeper.

So are you going to be a Subs Girl? I still don't know what your boy looks like.

Tasha <3

hunterjan said...

I JUST found your blog tonight, and thought - GOOD GRIEF IT'S PERFECT! As a musician (voice) by my college major and homesteader in my current life of farming and gardening, and raising my LOVELY herd of Nigerians and Oberhasli - I was thrilled to find this blog with SO many resources. I will continue to read all of your posts, and HOPE that you continue your beautiful work! I only wish I could do such as my life's work, to learn and share with others who have the same interests.... so glad you were here for me to find!
Best ~ Hunter Davis
Hawks View Farm