Sunday, July 5, 2015

Write An Essay,Win A Goat Farm

  I'm not really sure what my logic is behind sharing this, seeing as it will reduce my chance of winning if I actually enter... But nonetheless I am sharing anyway.

   Folks, I have just learned that you can win a $350,000 goat farm in Alabama, for the price of $150 and the best essay you done ever wrote. I kid you not. The writer in me really, really, really wants to enter. I told my husband that if I find a spare $150 before the deadline, then I just might have to try it. Hey, I only live 6 hours away from the place, so it wouldn't be that bad of a move. LOL. 

  Here's the link with the rules, particulars, and pictures (their milk parlor and creamery is to die for! Eeek! The horned Saanens are kinda' giving me a raised eyebrow, but hey... Whatever floats your goat.) CLICK HERE FOR LINK.


gz said...

$150 seems a lot...but keep hold of your dreams. Keep writing!

Prairie Kari said...

I checked out their webpage and that place looks so perfect for you! A turnkey goat cheese operation with 20k operating money to start, and they do school tours and have a Family Day picnic too! The contest doesn't close until Oct 1st so that is only $12.50 a wk you need to set aside - start writing your 200 word first draft now and fine tune it while you make the money happen! You know that saying, "If it's meant to be, it is up to me"? Remember those too cute little cloth farm animals you sold on Etsy - maybe something like that are the answer to generate the entry fee? You would be such a perfect fit as a young farmer to take over that operation!

Goat Song said...

Prairie Kari, I like the way you think. ;)

ROYSFARM said...

Who was the winner of the contest?

Goat Song said...

They didn't have enough people enter the contest, so the whole thing was cancelled. :(