Friday, December 4, 2015

Any Day Now

  Today is my "guesstimate due date" for this wee little babe. And the exact date that I came to Missouri on for a dairying internship, two years ago. I'm finding this fact amusing and rather ironic.

 Two years ago today, I landed in a state completely unfamiliar to me, 1,900+ miles away from home and family. My worldly possessions consisted of two small suitcases of clothes, a laptop, and my trusty dog. I intended to stay in this state for 6 - 12 months, learning the fine details of running a farm business (and how to garden, make cheese, and keep bees) before moving on to another state. That was the plan, anyway.

 On December eighth, 2013, just four days after getting settled on the snowy farm, HE showed up. The young brother of my internship host. Three and a half years younger than me, and with the looks and personality that made pretty much every girl in the county swoon, this young buck decided that of AAAAALLLLL the girls he could possibly go for, he wanted me; the odd, secretive farm girl who hailed from Oregon. 

  I wasn't interested. At. All. But that didn't phase him in the least. He just tried harder.

  And yes, y'all know how THAT ended. He got his prize, we got married 11 months after meeting each other, my "6-12 month internship" turned into becoming family, and now here we are: In the midst of living our "Happily Ever After", we've landed on the 2nd anniversary of my coming to Missouri, and I find myself quite heavily pregnant! Life is strange, my friend... Life is so strange. You never quite know what will happen, and where it'll take you.

  I am 41 weeks pregnant, today. And I feel every bit of it. The last 24 hours have been nothing but solid contractions, which have been bearable but leaving me with the feeling of having been hit by a bus. Not cool. Until my water breaks though, I'm to stay put here at home; more specifically, I'm supposed to stay put on the couch. Which, all things considered, isn't such a bad gig. Until I look at the dishes that need to be washed... Oh well. They'll get washed eventually. Today I am dutifully following orders and staying on this couch with my chocolate chip cookies, raspberry leaf tea, and all the online articles I can find on keeping water buffalo (raise your hand if you start mentally singing Veggie Tale's silly song at the mention of these critters). No, I don't know what's up with the water buffalo idea either. It just came to me this morning and I decided I needed to research them. And -- email a dairy in CA to ask how much their bottle heifers are. *Cough, cough* Did I just say that out loud? Pretend you didn't hear/see that! 

  But seriously... WATER BUFFALO. 

  AAAAAAAANNNND back to the original subject. Ahem. Sorry guys; "pregnant brain" makes me rabbit trail something fierce! Hopefully it'll go away soon, seeing as this small person is running out of room in his current living quarters and needs to come OUT! But then, I guess it might just get worse. And if that's the case, then hang on to your hats, folks. Blog posts might start to get reeeeaaally interesting.

  I'll keep y'all posted on what's happening, and when the little man *finally* makes an appearance! He's due any day now. Any... Day...

  For now though, I think I shall go back to my research on the imposing water buffalo.

  Just smile and nod, my friend. Smile and nod.


gz said...

you're still "on time" two weeks either side of your due date...and your body will be practicing with the Braxton Hicks contractions...go with the flow...may all be well and Blessings Be xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well!Brittany

Shiloh said...

I enjoyed reading this post!! :) Neat to see what God has done in your life! :)

Tina said...

Love this post as I smile a knowing smile at the curves God puts in our plan and wishing some young people I know would read this. :)

Davi Parker said...

OH Everybody's got a water buffalo, yours is fast but mine is slow. Oh where'd we get them I don't know but everybody's got a water buffalo-oh!

Took my buffalo to the store, got his head caught in the door, spilled some lima beans on the floor oh everybody's got a water buffalo-oh!

We're going to get nasty letters saying "where's my water buffalo, why don't I have a water buffalo!" And are you prepared to deal with that? I. don't. think so!

Ahaha, too fun...
YAY for baby and wild hairs. :)

Goat Song said...

Davi! *fist bump!* I figured there had to be at least ONE reader who'd know that song. LOL. My husband and I sing those verses more often than an adult couple probably should... ;) I guess that's what happens when you grow up in a home school environment with a bunch of little siblings.

Prairie Kari said...

Aren’t you supposed to be eating dill pickles and ice cream not scheming how to farm water buffalo? I am pretty sure they are not part of any aquaponics program I have heard of haha! Give us a pic of the baby bump so we can smile and nod :)