Saturday, December 5, 2015

Pinterest Link-Up: Natural Livestock Care

  This week's link-up is a fun collection of some natural livestock care tips! In the past, I've always stuck to using dried herbs, infusions, and tinctures on my stock, but I plan on using essential oils on a much more frequent basis this spring...

1. Farm Apothecary {Courtesy of 'Homestead Dreamer'} 

2. Essential Oils On A Farm {Courtesy of 'The Paleo Mama}

3. Essential Oils for Natural Chicken Care {Courtesy of 'Backyard Poultry Magazine'}

4. Preventing And Treating Frostbite Naturally {Courtesy of 'Fresh Eggs Daily'}

5. Herbal Remedies for Common Pet and Livestock Ailments {Courtesy of 'Frugally Sustainable'}

6. Natural Goat Care {Courtesy of -- Um, ME! Is that considered arrogant to share my own post?? Hmm, I'll have to think about that...}

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