Thursday, June 16, 2011

Something Besides Goats

Hmmm, it has occurred to me to my posts of the late have been revolving around goats to a certain degree.... Hehe, I thought I would surprise y'all and give you an update about something besides goats!

The meat chickens seemed like a good choice...

Weighing in at an average of 6 - 7 lbs. each, these guys are whoppers! 

Our chicken tractor is still holding up pretty well, surprisingly. The goat kids found out that the tarp on top of it makes an excellent trampoline, and have been ecstatically jumping on and off of it. Thankfully, the meat birds are too dim witted to mind the noise. ;)

With processing day coming up in less than two weeks, people have started coming and asking if they could help me with the work load, and I have answered YES, YES, YES! ;) Processing a chicken is really easy once you get the hang of it, but having other people to help makes the day a lot more enjoyable, and it makes everything go faster!

Our pasture looks so beautiful where the chicken tractor has been, so that's an added plus to having these big birds around! The grass is noticeably more green and lush, compared with areas that they didn't cover. I think I might put our heritage layers in the tractor after the meat birds, just so I can keep on going through the different paddocks with it! 

Stay tuned, June 27th is the big day!

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