Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Pranks

Upon entering the barn not too long ago, I happened to glance at the window that shows the chicken coop. Then I did a double take as my mind registered a really big, really white chicken, in the coop that didn't belong!

The perpetrator? 


How on earth that 200+ lb. goat got into the coop, I do not know. But in there she was, showing a mix of feeling sheepish guilt for being caught, and smugness for her ability to boggle me.

I had the fleeting thought of leaving her in there.... But she pulled the 'I'm-so-sad-right-now" look, since she could hear the other goats munching on fresh hay; so I let her out. :)

Hope you're enjoying the first day of summer!

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Hannah said...

:D That is so funny.