Friday, August 26, 2011

An 'Aha!' Moment

I finally figured it out.

I've heard a lot of people comment on how their tiny, 40 lb. Nigerian dwarf goats had such huge personalities, but I never really understood what they meant. How can a pint sized animal have a "bigger" personality than a standard sized goat?

I had the "Aha!" moment only just today. A revelation, really.

Poppet is hilarious, let me just state that fact right now. She honestly thinks that she is huge. She has no idea that she is shorter than my 8 week old Nubian, or that she doesn't even reach Heidi's knee. In her eyes, she is a Mastiff. A Great Dane. A towering giant that all look up to. She's been nicknamed "Barn Troll" lately, as she pushes her way out of the gate by force (if a 21 lb. goat can use force) and commandeers my role in bunking everyone down. She oversees everything in life, and isn't afraid to give her opinion in matters. She keeps the does in line, and breaks up fights. If you wanna' wrestle, you have to do it with her. She rules the roost, steals everyone's feed, gets the best spot at the hay manger, and charms all who meet her. She. Is. Poppet.

Her personality is HUGE! I finally understand why these small goats are so wildly popular here in the USA. So now I'm one of those strange folk who will say in a vague way that 'Nigerians have big personalities', and then I'll leave you at that. ;)  

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