Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Salatin Comes to Oregon

I was so ecstatic this morning, when I received an e-mail with the big news that Joel Salatin will be in Corvallis, OR from August 19th to the 21st! I have no idea how I would/will get to one of the events, or how I will scrounge up the money for one (I'm eyeing the Field Day which is $90. Ouch.) but I will try my best!!

You can read more about this upcoming event at:

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Timothy said...

it would cost me about $140 including gas to go to that event and meet him and all that, that's why I'm not going. If you really want to see just some salatin farming, theres a tour sort of thing at a farm in Champoeg that I'm planning to go to this saturday. And it's free which is the best part. fulloflifefarm, thats the name of the farm