Thursday, August 11, 2011

Food Matters

As I was milking this morning, I got to thinking about just how important food is. A lot of people tell me that it's not, and that food doesn't matter. My answer to this is:

"If you don't think food is important, don't eat a single thing for a week, and then come back and tell me that food is not important." 

That usually does the trick. ;) As I've been mulling over what I wanted to say in this post, and finding out that I much too brain-dead today to say anything brilliant, I happened to stumble onto a new DVD that looks quite intriguing. The title?

'Food Matters' 

I have always believed that you are what you eat. It just makes sense! Look around at our society and you will see a nation of failing health. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. I'm sorry if I just burst your bubble today, or if I offended you. Then again, maybe I'm not.... Maybe we need some toe-stepping-on these days to wake us up to the fact that things aren't right. Why should we expect store bought cow milk to keep us healthy, when it's been pasteurized, and thus turned into a dead liquid. Folks, that stuff doesn't even supply your body with calcium. Your body rejects it all. Or why should we expect that our store bought beef will give us nutrients when the cattle have been fed chicken manure, GMO grains, and candy wrappers, and then pumped with a hormone to make it tender (because in reality, it ain't tender on its own). Oh yeah, and lets not forget the red dye that's added to make the beef red instead of the anemic pink it normally is.

Which is more expensive? Doctor bills, hospital bills, and maybe even things like cancer treatment. Or REAL foods like grass fed beef (that you have seen for yourself how it was raised), raw milk and organic vegetables? Try doing the math there. I'll be an acorn to an oak that it's cheaper to change your diet, than it is to keep on paying doctor bills.

 This is where you groan about the grocery bill that would sky rocket with such a change, right? Well, what would your grocery bill look like if you stopped buying all those pre-packaged foods? No Doritos or Corn Chips. No sodas or frozen orange juice, and throw out those cereals!! Now what does that grocery bill look like? Shucks, if you stopped buying pre-packaged foods, and you didn't need to go to a doctor anymore because your health was better since the diet switch, I'll be you would either be even, or you would be spending less.

 Back to the movie now.... This is definitely on my list of "must see" movies.

 Food Matters. You are what you eat. 

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