Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dirt Hog

I am a bookworm. There's no denying it. Other members of my family have those nifty things like Kindles, and Nooks, but I've always stuck to the real deal where reading material is concerned. Not that there's anything wrong with technology, mind you, I just like the feel of a book in my hands, getting to turn pages, dog ear and highlight favorite parts, tuck notes and stuff in the spine, and then eventually get the pleasure of taping my copies back together because they're so well loved.

And today I finally had to start taping together one of my favorite books; pages 105 through 122 fell out! It's titled 'Dirt Hog', and is written by one of my favorite authors, 'Kelly Klober'. This guy is neat, and I love his writing style. 

 While taping my book up this afternoon, I skimmed over the back of the cover, reading about the author. Same words I've read hundreds of times already, but this time something stuck out: The blurb mentioned that Kelly Klober lived in Middletown, Missouri. Huh... I had no idea where Middletown is, and I knew MO was a good sized state anyway... But I was curious. How far away is Middletown from where I'll be, come December? A quick search on Google Maps had me beaming; turns out the Middletown is only an hour north of where I'll be! ^_^ Way cool! I wonder if he'd allow a crazy farm girl like me to visit his place someday and pester him with questions. I think I'm going to have to find a way to ask. :) I would love to shake his hand someday and talk hogs with him. 

Missouri is starting to sound like a really neat state. :)

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