Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One Tough Cookie

I've always liked Pumpkin Hulseys. They're just cool chickens. I'm not really a chicken person, to be honest... I find them rather annoying creatures. But, I do like the Hulseys... These birds are something different. They're tough, and they're smart.

I've managed to give away just about all my chickens now; but my Hulsey pullet remains thus far. Why? Do I like her too much to give her away? Is she too valuable to part with?

It's true that I do like her, and that she *is* a valuable bird (let's see... I just saw a pullet sell for $300 a few weeks ago?), but that's not why she's still here. I can't catch her. 90% of the time I can't even find her.

Three times now I've assumed she's dead. Assumed that a bobcat got her, or a hawk nabbed her, or a raccoon found her in the night. And then I see her flitting by for two seconds, only to disappear back into the brushy borderline of our property. She's gleaning her own food, getting her water from the creek, and roosting high up in surrounding trees come nightfall. I have yet to see a Barred Rock, or a Buff Orpington survive this long on their own.

I suppose I should eventually try and catch her before I leave for Missouri, but part of me is curious as to just how long she can take care of herself before she starts coming back to the barn. She's one tough cookie, that bird is... The Pumpkin Hulseys are a fighting breed, and this little pullet has proven herself strong. I may not like chickens, but I'm definitely a fan of these Hulseys... They're different.


Little Homestead In Boise said...

Gorgeous bird. I like mine tamer so I can handle them, but pretty girl...

Anonymous said...

She is really pretty! I love chickens, actually. They never cease to surprise you. ;)

~Krista M.V.