Monday, August 26, 2013

She's On Pinterest

I've had a couple people ask lately if I have a Pinterest board... And, well -- Yes I do. ;) Sigh, I will cave and admit that yes I know my way around that addictive website. Hehe. But aside from that, the folks who first asked if I had a pinterest board, then asked how to find said board! My response is usually something like, "Uh, can I send you a link to it? I don't know how else you find it." Okay, so maybe I don't know my way around Pinterest *that* well these days.

But yep, that Goatsong... She's on Pinterest. ;) She doesn't do a whole lot on there, but if you're curious about what little is on there, then try clicking that image below and it'll take ya' right to the action. 

You're welcome. LOL.

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