Friday, April 22, 2011

My Two Meadow Flowers...

Please be forewarned that the following pictures are horribly grainy, and are yucky quality. The kidding pen is extremely dim, so good pics were out of the question!

But to continue... Here are my two newest girlies. :)

The solid brown female is named, 'Chamomile'...

And my spotted lass is, 'Melilot'. ;)

Seeing as their mom had the name 'Ivy', it seemed appropriate that they too should be named after an herb.

Both Melilot and Chamomile are pretty common meadow flowers, and the names just seemed to fit these two imps.

 I have to admit that Melilot is my pride and joy. I had been hoping fervently that Ivy would have a spotted kid, and she did! She's been nicknamed 'Lottie', and boy howdy does she like to keep moving! She has mastered the art of perpetual motion. ;)

Dear sweet Chamomile... What a sweetheart. She had a rough start in life, and I ended up having to bottle feed her for a short time, and then she ended up bonding to me instead of with Ivy. She's the smaller of the two, and looks extremely dairy! I'm looking forward to seeing how she grows.

Ivy has been doing well, and while she has been motherly to Chamomile and Melilot, she hasn't really bonded with them. Hopefully this means that it will be relatively easy to separate them. I went ahead and decided to keep the kids on her until Monday, then I'll switch to bottle feeding them. 

I am not looking forward to feeding those little rascals every 6 hours around the clock, but I guess I'll get used to it. :)

I'll try and get some better pictures of them on Monday, when I put them in the weaning pen!


Hannah said...

So cute!! :) I am glad that Ivy had a safe delivery. I really like your name choices, too.

Anonymous said...

OMgoodness, OMgoodness they are absolutely adorable. :D We've got to come see them soon.
~Mrs. Voorhees