Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spoke Too Soon

Hehe, this afternoon I posted those pics of Ivy looking all rotund, and I was wondering when she would *ever* pop. Well guess what....

Ivy kidded today!!!

I went out at 3 PM, and found Ivy in what I thought was the first stage of labor. Ten minutes later, I found that she was in the third stage as I watched her give birth!!

She had twin doelings!!!

One girlie is a solid bay color, with cream badger stripes on her face, and a white star on her forehead. The other wee lassie is dark brown, also has a white star on her forehead, and has gray patches and spots all over her!  Both weight about 4 lbs. so they are tiny! Beatrix and Bertram weighed about 8-9 lbs. when first born. :)

Sorry, I haven't gotten pictures yet, but will soon! Names have already been decided for my little ladies, but I shall wait until I have pictures before revealing them.... Yeah, I'm so mean. ;)

Next up is Capri on May 9th!

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Christi said...

Congratulation!!!! Can't wait to see pictures!