Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anne The Evil

I had forgotten about this picture...

This is Anne.

Anne the Evil.

Don't be fooled by that innocent look on her face! She's plotting. I can see it. She is focused and intent. Making sure she has every move completely planned out.

We "rescued" (maybe we shouldn't have...) Anne back in 2008, and she was our third goat to have. She fooled us into thinking she was an angel at first. Then she started pulling her stunts. She would wait patiently on the milk stand until the pail was almost full, and you were only half paying attention to reality; then WHAM! She would give a mighty blow to that milk pail and send it flying! If you turned around in her presence, she would knock you over, VERY HARD. She weighed 195 lbs. and still managed to squeeze into the 1'x 2' chicken coop door so she could eat their feed. She bullied the other goats so much that we had to send them to a friend's house when they were pregnant, or else Anne might harm them. She would unlatch the gates and escape; she would un-bungee the bungee cord on the feed bin and gorge herself. She had a mastermind, and excelled in her cunning. No one could outwit Anne. She plotted in the night, and schemed in the afternoon.

We sold Anne one year later, and heard from her new owners that she tested CAE positive. Figures. After Anne, I told myself I would never do goats again. I didn't want that experience again. I didn't want to lay in bed at night and wonder what would happen the next day.

Now look at me.

I currently have 10 goats (sold two the other day), and want MORE!! Who'da thunk? ;)

I may have highly disliked Anne, but I love the goats I have now.... 

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