Monday, July 4, 2011

What's Your Dream Farm?

Come on... I know you readers are out there! I can see by the map on my sidebar that I DO get visitors on here, and I want to hear from you! ;)

 Question of the day: What's your dream farm? Or perhaps I should say, "What's your dream lifestyle?"

 C'mon.... Out with it! Let's hear it! Is it a small plot in the country just to enjoy the quiet? Is it a 100 acre sprawl of land that would be intensively farmed? Cattle rancher? CSA farmer? A hobby farm to have some chickens and maybe a goat or two?

 You probably want to hear mine don't you....? Okay, laugh if you want, but this is my dream "farm". I would like to be on a small piece of land (no more than 10 acres), and preferably be here in Oregon. A large portion of the land would be used to grow lavender (Yamhill County is known for its lavender farms), and I would also keep a good sized herd of dairy sheep and goats for cheesemaking. Aged fresh, and hard Tommes would be the main cheeses made, but with some fresh chevres on the side as well. :) And let's not forget the numerous rescue animals that would take up residence at the farm! Can't forget those! Oh, and everything would be off-grid too, so no electricity. ;)

So yes, that is my strange, ideal farm. Were you expecting me to say that I wanted a really big plot of land where I could farm "Joel Salatin style" and be completely self-sufficient? Hehe, I like to keep people guessing, what can I say?

Your turn! Let's hear it! It can't be any weirder than my wanting to be a cheesemaker on a lavender farm! ;D


Bil Morrill said...

My wife and I were just talking about this topic this morning. As kids we both dreamed of living on a farm like Zuckermans' farm in Charlotte's Web. A little bit of everything.

We're happy with our five acres of chickens, turkeys and alpacas for now but we really do want to add a cow for milk and some pigs for meat.


Katie said...

I would also love a smaller farm, about 10 acres in the bluffs of SE Minnesota. I'd love about half of it to be wooded hillside where I walk and watch my goats happily browsing, and the other half to be more open and sunny during the day. I'd like a small, old farmhouse, a little old barn, and coop for a small flock of chickens. I also want an orchard with a few apples, pears, plums, pie cherries, elderberries, honeyberries and quince. I'd like a little blueberry patch and strawberries and raspberries, and garden. I'd mostly like to produce food for my family. :)

I love you blog and website - your goats are so beautiful! Also, your dream farm sounds delightful.

Hannah said...

Hmm... I guess lots of fruits and vegetables for canning, and maybe a cow and some laying hens. :)

I have never lived on a farm so I really have no idea what I would want... :D

I think it sounds nice, though! ;)

Mennagerie Farm said...

Thank you guys so much for leaving a comment! :D It was fun getting to hear what other people dream about! It's nice to "meet" you Bil and Katie!