Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's Official: I'm Hopeless

Every year, for my birthday, we have a girl's day out and go visit some local antique stores, and this year was no different. We went to just one antique place this time, and I found lots of lovely vintage fabrics, buttons, kitchen ware, etc... But what did I end up bringing home with me?


This is an old singletree; used with draft animals to balance the weight of their load.

I could have gotten those pretty fabrics. I could have come home with some new teacups. I could have come home with all sorts of things! But being typical me, I brought home an old piece of farming equipment. Figures. ;)

The wood on the singletree is still in great condition, and it looks like it still has some years of use in store. Once Frodo is big enough to pull a load, then we'll really get to test this treasure out. :)

Best of all, I got it for the whopping price of $12. Not bad, if I do say so myself....

And my family is convinced now: I'm a hopeless case. I go to an antique store for my birthday, and buy an old piece of wood. Farm girl, am I.


Christi said...

Hehe... that sounds like something I'd do. :) It'll be neat to see how it works.


Melissa said...

I see a quilt hanger!!!

Hope you have a very special birthday!!! Lots of love to you!!!

Love, Aunt M, Uncle R, and Juliana

Hannah said...

We like you all the better for it, Caitie. ;)

Happy Birthday, by the way! (Is it really already #19?) :)

Prairie Kari said...

Isn't it amazing how we always buy ourselves exactly what we want - haha! Love the tree - I am looking for one myself - for my horse. Can't wait to read more about your Draft Goat Driving experiences.