Sunday, July 3, 2011

Of Shillings and Nickels

 I normally don't blog on Sundays, buuuuut, the upcoming week is looking surprisingly busy, so I decided to go ahead and do this post before too much more time goes by...

In the previous post, I mentioned that there was one little secret that I had yet to tell you guys of, and that is that....

Penny kidded on June 28th! Whoohoo!

I noticed on Tuesday morning that she was slightly sunken, and she didn't want her breakfast, but she didn't seem sunken enough for me to be concerned, and her udder was nowhere near full, so I figured we would probably have some kids by the next day. Hehe, methinks Penny heard my thoughts and decided to prove me wrong. An hour later, I found penny, who had literally just finished giving birth to a second kid, while the first was tottering on its feet! Good grief Penny, couldn't you have given me some warning!?

 The twins were so incredibly tiny, that I wasn't sure that they would survive. Each one only weighed 3 lbs. (normal kid weight is 6-8 lbs.), and my hand was the same length as their body. Both kids are absolutely beautiful though! One is a buckling, and the other is a doeling, which made me happy. :)

Kid #1 is the doeling, whom I have dubbed: Shilling...

And kid #2 is the buckling who goes by the handle of "Nickel". :) 

I was SO excited to see little Shilling's lovely conformation and beautiful coloring, but oh the heartbreak upon a further look! Shilling has an underbite, which means her lower jaw juts out and she won't be able to chew properly. :( I am hoping that maybe as she grows, the problem will fix itself, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

Nickel has been all around gorgeous so far, with a very level topline (you can't see it in this picture though! He was starting to back up, and thus looks like he has a steep rump), as well as good length, width and symmetry. I am looking forward to seeing how he matures! If he stays this nice, I think he just might have to stick around as a herdsire! :)

I sold Melilot and Aylah today, so it's been nice to have two new babies to fill in the gap. I'm sad that this will be our last kidding for the year...

Oh and, *ahem*, there's one more little thing that I have yet to blog about... But it might be another week or two before I can tell/show y'all, so stay tuned! ;) 

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