Saturday, February 11, 2012


I am afraid of the dark.


Exclamation point.

One glance outside showed that it was darker than the inside of a cow tonight. I decided to take a flashlight with me (something I normally don't do), as I went to do barn chores. My strobe of light pierced the blackness, as I walked towards my destination; its brightness working its way from left to right across the topography of our small farm. I was a little on edge tonight; for the past four nights the goats have been in the barn acting excessively spooked, and Heidi would repeatedly stare into the darkness, at a far pasture corner, before bolting to a corner in the barn. Unnerving, to say in the least! 

I shined the flashlight into the pasture as I walked towards the barn, and stopped so suddenly that one might have thought I hit a brick wall. In the glare of my light, four pairs of eerily green eyes were staring at me. Like some sort of halloween stunt, the eyes began bobbing and moving closer towards me. 

"Holy cow!" I exclaimed to myself, "There's something out there!!"

With no bidding on my part, I felt a huge surge of adrenaline wash over me, and for a moment I thought I was going to throw up. I don't handle adrenaline well. The eyes were getting closer now, but I couldn't seem to get my light to shine on the bodies that belonged to the glowing orbs. My pulse rate shot up, and the "flee or fight" instinct started welling inside me. My guess was that it was a small group of coyotes looking for a meal, and they were in my pasture. 

With shaky hands, I finally managed to angle my flashlight onto the creatures in the short distance and before me, my eyes I beheld....

The goats.


I could now make out Pepper blinking from my light's glare, and Heidi giving me a withering glance. I exhaled in relief and then yelled at Heidi, telling her to quit freaking me out, for Pete's sake!!

Good heavens... Talk about a climax to one's day! 


Illinois Lori said...

ROTFLOL!!!!!!! You are SUCH a great really had me with this one!

Love it... :-D


Anonymous said...

Ok, I guess I am afraid of the dark too! My adrenaline was pumping just reading this!

Autumn said...

I have always hated going outside of our house at night. Ever since my Dad saw a mountain lion outside at my Nana's a few years ago, I've never been the same!

Anonymous said...

the way you put everything made it seem so real. You did a good job.