Friday, February 17, 2012

So Far So Good

Today is day #14 since I bred my three rabbits. Typically, on the 10th day you would put the does back in with the buck to see if they conceived or not, but I didn't have time when the tenth day rolled around, so I did it today!

Doe #1, a Californian, was re-bred three days after the initial breeding, so today was more like day #11 into her pregnancy. I gently put her into the cage with Glenstorm the New Zealand/Beveren buck and kept a weather eye on the pair. In her typical fashion that she seems to have, Doe #1 pressed her body on the floor, and didn't budge. She wouldn't allow Glenstorm to re-breed, but she didn't fight him either, which is what most does will do... I took this as a good sign, and pulled her out. I'm putting her due date at March 5th.

Doe #2, my second Californian, who is monstrous in size, was up next. I hadn't even put her in the cage before she started growling! She was definitely NOT interested in Glenstorm, and growled loudly as she ran in circles, away from the eager buck. It was a mess trying to keep Glenstorm off her and try and fish her out at the same time! So I would say there's a very high chance that she's preggo, and I'm keeping her due date at the original March 3rd. 

Rosie Cotton, the New Zealand, was last. I had bred her with Basil Stag Hare, the Californian buck, so back in with him she went. 

I can honestly say in my eight years of rabbit raising I have never seen a doe react like Rosie did. If that girl ain't pregnant then I'm a monkey's uncle. When I put Rosie in with Basil, she took one look at him, screamed (it sounds like a horse whinnying) and lunged at him. Basil backed into a corner, confused at the onslaught and started running when Rosie bit him on the ear. Funny what those hormones will do to an animal.... LOL. I actually had to pull Rosie off of Basil, and she still growled and fumed for five minutes after she was back in her cage! Ya' think she's pregnant??? 

Satisfied with the test results, I braved the ill-humored does and did the next step: palpation. This is actually pretty fun once you get the hang of it, but it's basically just where you gently feel the doe's stomach and count the growing embryos. Doe #1 isn't far along enough for me to palpate her, but I was able to feel 6 or 7 kits in Rosie, and at least four kits in Doe #2. Alas, Doe #2 was extremely uncooperative, and vehemently fought against my advances, so for all I know she could have ten kits in there! But at least I know that there's something in there, so I'm content. 

Now y'all stay tuned! Baby bunnies are on the way!! I'll be keeping a lot of does for future breeding stock, and I might keep a buck or two, but we'll see. 

Does anyone else here raise rabbits? 


Tayet Silverspoon said...

I don't raise and breed them, but I do like owning one or two! I don't have any right now,m but I'm trying to get my parents to let me get some babies this spring. =)

Michelle said...

Oh, that made me laugh! I wish I could have seen Mrs. Rosie! I can't say I've ever seen an aggressive rabbit before. LOL!

Autumn said...

I've heard rabbits scream before. It's an awful thing... worse than fingernails scraping a chalkboard! I remember that Speckles used to purr, growl, and whenever I came near with some treats, he would squeak!

I've never really kept female rabbits (except one time, that's I story I should share) but I have heard they are as moody as human ladies when they're preggo in the eggo!