Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cow Kisses and Udder Rubs


This relationship between me and a rescued bovine is growing by leaps and bounds, and yet is still painfully threadbare at the same time. Her metamorphosis is staggering; I can hardly believe this is the same heifer that I bought for $250 just a couple months ago...

Tonight was a good night. While Peaches and I didn't do any walking (she's *still* trying to figure out what the lead rope tugging means), I accomplished a lot of other things. I can now brush every inch of her body both by brush, or by hand. I can handle her feet (something Poppy always hated...), touch her hind legs, belly and horns. I can mess around with her and she doesn't move, and tonight I finally manged to figure out what her favorite spots to be scratched are. I've been trying to find her "good spots" for weeks now. Poppy always loved having her brisket and ears scratched, but Peaches doesn't care for it. Turns out that her first favorite spot is the bottom side of her neck, just along the gullet. She stretches out her feminine neck and makes little grunting sounds as I sweep my hand from her jaw line to chest using just my finger tips. Her other favorite spot? Surprisingly enough, she loves having her udder rubbed! Man, I sure wish my goats enjoyed having their udders handled like Peaches does! You get it just right, firmly massaging the center of her little bag and she is in hog heaven; you can see the bliss on her face. What a cow... 

  I finished up and was rewarded by some slobbery, sand paper-like cow kisses. Lots of them. Who knew a cow could produce so much saliva??? Ah well, it washes off and Peaches seemed happy to return the favor. 

We're gettin' somehwhere, this cow and I... We're gettin' somewhere.



nancy said...

Good for you!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog researching dairy goats as I would like to start my own small herd. Thanks for posting lots of interesting and helpful info. There is so much that you can't learn from a book and I appreciate you sharing of your own experience. BTW-The cow is just adorable with her zebra fly mask. :)
Heather in PA