Thursday, May 24, 2012

Got Questions?


Got questions? Goat Song Farm is now hosting a weekly open Q&A session every Monday! 

Have you had a question concerning livestock? Wondering about a feed ration? Have some random question that you've been wondering but never knew when or how to ask?

Here's your chance! Shout it out and we'll have a grand time with it!

Just leave a comment, or shoot me an e-mail with your question, and I'll get some answers for you come Monday!


Anonymous said...

Amazing! I JUST now posted a desperate question to the blogosphere on my own blog. I am having a Dickens of a time getting my three 4 month old Nigerian Dwarfs to eat anything other than hay. The doe will be for milking down the line, but we got to wethers 1) as company for her and 2) to help with brush abatement. They won't TOUCH anything other than their alfalfa (and the occasional goat grains we give them). What to do???

Anonymous said...

Any recommendations for fencing nigerians? I presently have 5 wire high tensile - 2 of them hot wires
(2nd and 4th from ground) for my horses.
Thank you!
Heather in PA