Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Am SO Ready

For Autumn.

The burning desire for crunchy leaves and wool sweaters came upon me today like a cat upon a mouse. It was unexpected and fast. Boom! I'm ready for Fall. Summer used to be my favorite season; I loved the heat, the green, the vibrancy of everything... Now I'm appreciating those cool Fall days more and the subtle colors we get here (you have to remember that we mostly have pine trees here, so there's not a spectacular show of Autumn glory that those on the East coast get). Leaves on the ground, sweaters redeemed from the back of the closet, baked apples sprinkled with cinammon, wool festivals, slowing of the farm work, wood smoke, hand knit socks, pumpkins, rust colored Mum flowers... Oooh I want October so bad that it hurts!

On a nice note though, it's only in the mid-70's outside today which is a nice change from the heat wave of last week. I'm good with this weather... Now if someone would just add some crunchy leaves and wood smoke, I'd be perfectly content.


nancy said...

Me too, 105 yesterday, ick.

Mary Ann said...

If we smelled wood smoke here today, it would be because a grass fire was raging!

Tayet Silverspoon said...

I love fall! Going on long walks with crunchy leaves underfoot, wearing my favorite hoodys... the only bad thing is after fall comes winter!