Monday, August 13, 2012

I Never Get Far Without These

One Coca Cola bottle, one Vanilla Cream soda bottle, and one quart-sized mason jar. I know these three vessels well.

As you may have noticed, they are all filled with milk and are sitting in a hot water bath. 'Tis feeding time at the zoo, or more appropriately, it's feeding time at the shark pen.

Bottle feeding the baby goats is in full swing and those little whipper snappers are how I plan my day. 8AM, 3PM, and 9PM I'm out there, feeding my 7 little "sharks". Those of you who have bottle kids of your own will understand the term. Those of you who don't, well, just know that feeding time is always frenzied and they ain't so cute when they're biting your legs, arms, and whatever else they can get a hold of in their haste to find a bottle. My hands and legs bear the legend of many feeding rounds...

For the sake of my sanity, I am weaning Snickers and Frodo, and have put Summer (who is almost 6 months old!) down to a once-a-day feeding. Those bigger kids are regular Great Whites when they see a bottle coming. Chad Gadya and Pippin are really the only ones who behave during feeding time. Chad is just a mellow fellow who has something akin to patience, and Pippin - well - Pippin's just not bright enough to catch on to the fact that a human + bottle equals food. But I love him for his lack of intelligence. If it means that there's one less pair of teeth I have to dodge, then I'll take his dimness any day. ;)

I wanted to get a video of my shark feeding this afternoon, but there's currently no room on the camera card... Grrr. Soon though. Soon.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the little sharks!
Heather in PA

nancy said...

Sounds like you need a suit of armor going into combat! Video please :)