Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Kids

Wonder of wonders, Heidi kidded exactly on her due date and gave birth this afternoon! I had to help pull the first kid, since it was an oversized, 10 lb. male, but other than that the birth was fast an uncomplicated. :) I've been looking forward to seeing what colors I would get, since Heidi is white and she was bred to a black buck. I'm pleased with the resulting colors. I was also tickled to see that the ears on the kids are exactly the same as last year: the male has floppy ears, just like his sire, and the female has elf ears (1 inch long) just like her dam. Both kids are doing right well and they're nursing off their mama. Heidi is the one doe here at GSF who gets to keep her babies since she's such a pain to milk. I may still pull the kids in a week or two since she's almost a little spastic with the babies, but we'll see...

Anywho, here are ALL this year's babies! Including pics of Chad Gadya and Duet, whom you haven't seen yet!

First off is Heidi's little doeling... I'm open to name suggestions for both of these kids, should you have some ideas...

And nextly is her whopping son! I love his chocolate brown coloring!

Below is Chad Gadya and Duet... Both just turned two weeks old and are thriving on the bottle. :)

Chad Gadya

Chad Gadya

Chad Gadya


Duet again!

Aaaaand then of course there's still Snickers and Frodo.



Thus ends the 2012 kidding season! Next up is breeding season! :)


Anonymous said...

Tayler? As in Tayler Swift.

Jazkabor said...

Have you thought about setting up a "does" page, I would love to see your girls stacked up and begin to learn what they should look like. Maybe one day I will understand your goaty confirmation words. LOL

Today rabbit confirmation again boggled my mind. whew, fair is almost over... : )

Goat Song said...

Jazkabor, have you looked on my breeding stock website for pics of the does?

nancy said...

How cute! How about Jack, Rose, Galen, Brittany?