Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Which Do You Listen To?

For as many people who feel that you are being reckless and foolish, there is an exact equal amount of people who feel you are being rational, logical, and following your dream. Which do you listen to?

I have flour on my hands, an apron over my clothes, and a half-made blackberry pie sitting on the kitchen counter right now, but this thought came to me while rolling out dough and I just had to write it down before I forgot it. There have been so many fears and falterings in my heart lately, I've been feeling torn between two sides of life. Some say I'm a fool, others say I'm a hero. I'm not necessarily sure that I'm either of those, but rather something in the middle. But is that a good thing?

Off I go now, to finish the pie and finish mulling over these thoughts. :)


Anonymous said...

Maybe it would help to know what the person believes, how they live and what their goals are... Some of my friends think I'm crazy and say that my goats get in the way of fun, and then others say they wish they could get goats too.
Are you sharing that pie?


Sarah C. said...

You could be like me and actually BE stuck between two lives. I am litterally stranded here in LA becuase I thought it would be somehow better than Indiana and that the money would be growing on trees and that said money would actually make me happier. All the while the real me wants to be back in Indiana raising veggies and figuring out how to change the municipal code to permit chickens. I am stuck because someone is renting my house until the end of April 2013. God! That seems SOOO far away.

I say be a fool and a hero, but dont be stuck!

Jocelyn said...

That's a tough one. My family (parents) think I'm crazy, that I don't have a real job, and that I just like hanging out with animals and "waste" my days doing nothing. My husband thinks the fact that I run my own business is amazing. My neighbors think that I'm living a wonderful life and they're thrilled to be near it.

Pick your poison. I think the real question is what do YOU think? Shut everyone else out, and just listen to yourself. It's hard. After I've spent too much time with my family, I feel like a complete failure and a loser, because they don't believe in me at all. But after I talk to neighbors, I realize I am making a difference, however small.

If you feel in your heart that you are doing what's right for you, then that's what's right. You only go around once. Don't make your life trying to please anyone else but you. It's your ride. Enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Listen to God....stay near to Him.
He puts the desires in your heart...He will confirm them to you...dreams can be deceiving. said...

I think of doubt as enterprise assessment. What is working, what is not. Also good to get out and see how others are succeeding, reminds us of what is possible and how it is always challenging and hard work if you choose the rural life.

Mary Ann said...

My own family always thought I was nuts, and so do my in-law's... but you know what? I'm happy here on our five acres, so is my partner, and that's what matters!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard the phrase about being a "fool for Christ"? I always think about that when I'm in the thought place that you are. What it tells me is that if whatever it is that I'm being considered a fool for is right, as in heart right, gut instinct right, then I'm happy to be a fool for it. If I'm uncomfortable with being thought a fool for whatever it is, then I need to consider why. Sometimes this helps, sometimes not :).

nancy said...

I have atril fib so I have all kinds of fear in my heart :) Go for it!

kelly said...

Just to let you know...your parents are very proud of you and don't think you are crazy. You are being who the Lord created you to be. You are a brave young lady with lots of skills. Just keep looking to the Lord for His will in your life(and listen to your parents:) You will always wear many hats in your life...outside chores and inside chores. You will find the balance between it all.

Love you