Friday, September 21, 2012

Freedom Ranger Chicks!

Yesterday afternoon the post office called to say that a cardboard box full of chirping critters had arrived at their building, and MY name was on the box! Whoop, whoop, the chicks are here!!!

Thirty minutes later, all 26 of my new fluff balls were safely installed in their brooder....

So far, I like these birds. :) They're not so sluggish as the Cornish X chicks usually are, but they're not wired and crazy like the laying pullets are. Maybe it's just my imagination though. 

And I even got a video of the little peepers for y'all! I know, I'm so good. ;)


Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

They're fiesty little burgers! Cute too!!

Anonymous said...

We've got ours - the race in on!!!

Now if we can keep our boys from squeezing them to death.

Jen and Charlie

nancy said...

How cute! I love them at that stage, little fluff balls!