Friday, September 21, 2012

Up For Grabs

After much thought, hemming, and hawing, I've decided to post this year's prize kid up for sale.

Goat Song's Chad Gadya is a purebred, 8 week old, CAE/CL negative, Nubian buckling who would be excellent for anyone who wanted to improve their dairy goat herd (or put more milk in their meat herd). Chad has a stellar pedigree that boats lineage of Saada, Prairie Fire, J&R, Kismet, Lotus Ladies, and My-Enchanted-Acres. If you're familiar with Nubians then you'll know that these are TOP bloodlines that are sought after by serious breeders and showmen. His dam is a 3rd freshening doe who is very stylish and correct, as well as a lovely milker who peaks at 10-12 lbs. (8 lbs. = 1 gallon) a day.

Chad Gadya is EXACTLY what I was hoping for in this cross between Ivy and Bob (who's real name is Cheveyo). This little guy got the style of both parents, the high, sharp withers and tight shoulder assembly from his dam, and that beautiful topline/rump from his sire!! His sire has 2,000 lbs. of milk behind him, and his dam has over 2,000 lbs. on her side. In short, this fella' will put MILK on his daughters!

Price is $200 unregistered. $300 if you want him registered with ADGA.

If you're interested in coming out and seeing him, you can email me by clicking HERE.

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