Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Kind of Christmas

My Christmas was spent a bit differently from most folks... Sure, I still opened presents and had a special meal. But the highlight of the day was sitting in a deer stand; silent and motionless. Hoping and praying for a buck to cross my path and become a target. The hoped-for buck didn't appear today, but maybe tomorrow he will. It was fun though, gettin' to spend some time with my Papaw (grandpa) here in Mississippi. My kind of Christmas, really. :) 

My Papaw and I!


Melissa said...

Nice picture of the two of you! Hope you get your deer! Uncle Rob has been out several times now, heading out again at 4 a.m. in hopes of a prize buck!!

Emily S. said...

I went hunting on Christmas too! I am glad you had a good Christmas.