Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Kind Of Crazy

  During my free time here, I've tried to stay out of the way, keep to myself, not be a nuisance, and give my hosts and their extended family some of their family time back. You know, just try to be a considerate person who isn't always in the way? Hasn't worked. There is a lot of family in this area. And they've decided that since I'm staying here long term, I shall be family too. So now I'm a "cousin". ;) These people are great; without so much as asking my permission (hehe), they pulled me into the center of their family activity and made me a part of everything. I wasn't sure how I would fit in here, but now I have no worries. Today I went to church with some of them, and had the chance to meet yet MORE of their extended family! Good grief, right when I think I've met all the people there are to meet, more show up. LOL. It's been pretty neat to find that a lot of the family is right around my age, and it's definitely been fun interacting with them all. I'm presently hearing rumors about two plots in the making... One being a family adventure to the theater this Saturday to watch The Hobbit (eeek!!), and then the second rumor is a possible gathering of the younger folks to all go bowling (can I say "eeek!" again??). I've got my fingers crossed for both plots to succeed.

 One thing is for sure though. These folks are my kind of crazy.

 Don't tell them I said that. ;) 

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Hannah said...

So glad you're enjoying your time there! Sounds like you will have lots of fun in the coming months. :)