Friday, December 27, 2013

New On My Mp3

Okay, never mind the name of this music group; their songs are *awesome*!!! If you're into soundtracks, medieval style music, thriller music and basically all around awesome songs, then here's the motherload  for you. This is basically all I've been listening to for the last three days. No lyrics, just a symphony doing an incredible job at creating inspiring songs. :)


Anonymous said...

oooooooooo....I likey! Don't care for their name, but the music is stinkin awesome!

Emily said...

Told ya... ;)

Megan said...

Ummm, excuse me, Emily!?
Compliments of ME!!

It was I who first brought this music to your radar screen. Your welcome.
Listen to Everlasting and Strength of a Thousand Men. Great workout music.

K-Lee said...

I love their music! Some of my favorite songs are Undying Love and Heart of Courage. :)

K-Lee said...

Have you heard of John Dreamer's music? It's really good!