Sunday, March 30, 2014


   Last night was a much better night than the last two. With the help of my host family, we got both wood stoves roaring by 8pm, and by midnight the entire loft was around 85F. It was so gloriously warm... Along with finally having a plethora of heat, I also had Christmas lights strung up along the ceiling (Thanks Tasha! Great idea!), which made the place delightfully cheery, and lastly I borrowed a radio for the night and kept it playing softly all night. Oh yeah, and there were kittens... Hehe. One of the barn cats likes to hang out in the loft, and she's been due to pop any day. I guess she decided last night was a good time to do it; and in my absence she made a nice little nest right on my bed. *un-amused look* Seriously, pussy cat? I liked that blanket. Oh well, we got her moved into a little box right next to my bed; and now I have 6 fluffy little kittens to keep me company in here. They are so stinkin' cute. ^_^

  I slept all night long, without one single sniffle or tear. It was so nice. I think the radio was a key component here, but gosh those Christmas lights helped too... Dim enough to keep on all night, but still bright enough to act as an "adult nightlight". ;) 

  Hopefully this can become a habit... Eighty-five degrees by bed time, music, and twinkle lights. 

  I think I might be high maintenance... Just a suspicion. 


Kim said...

I think kittens and puppies are the perfect antidote to everything that comes our way in life!

Illinois Lori said...

LOL! Too funny (high maint...)

Glad you got that radio, and the soft lighting. Yep, that'll work every time. I have a hard time falling asleep to "quiet." My radios always have "sleep" functions. I can set it for how many minutes I want it to play before it automatically shuts off, anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Up here there are lots of good stations, 3 or 4 Christian stations (depending upon the weather and the clouds), one of which is more of a hymns and classical station. Sometimes I like it, depends on what's playing when I want to go to sleep. Otherwise I love our public radio station out of Madison, it's classical late at night, and that's what I love to fall asleep to. When I was your age, it was just my local pop music that I enjoyed, I always played it when I went to sleep. Happy kittens! We have baby chicks in the basement of Bryan's farmhouse :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome! Kittens are wayyy better than Guinea Pigs. XD
Gosh I wish you had a camera.
I'm glad you're feeling better. =)

Anonymous said...

Twinkle lights, I love it! I bet it casts a beautiful glow on everything, I personally think atmosphere has a lot to do with how people feel, or maybe just how I feel. :P Elizabeth

Kelly said...

Glad you are feeling better...thought I was going to have to come get you and bring you home. Love mom