Monday, March 10, 2014

On Top Of The World

   Today was a jaw dropping 72 degrees. I couldn't believe it. It. Was. GORGEOUS!! There were oodles of ways I could have spent my afternoon, glorying in the heat, sun, and blue skies... But there was only one way that I wanted to spend it.

  On the road. 

  I had a couple small errands I needed to do in town anyway... Why not do them today!? So off I went; beginning the 20+ minute drive to town through beautiful, curvy, country back roads. I've been waiting years for a day like this, where it would just be me, and the weather would be just right... Ooooh yes. I had a plan for this day.

   And it was a blast. The drive was everything I've ever hoped it would be. Windows rolled down, country music blaring, cruising those roads at 60mph with one hand on the wheel and one hand resting on the stick (manual drive! Woot!), doing the one-finger wave to neighbors and passing cars... Yup. I'm easy to please. All I was lacking was a truck to be driving, instead of a little Ford Focus. That will be an epic day when I get to repeat today's adventure in my very own truck. 

  I don't really know why I've always wanted to try that combination of loud music, country roads, and open windows, but I have. And let me tell ya... It's a great way to feel like you're on top of the world! Hehe. And yes, I promise I stayed within speed limits. Cross my heart and hope ta' die. 

  I hear tomorrow's supposed to be 75F. Hmm... What adventure shall I do then? ;) 

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