Friday, November 20, 2015

A Day Of "Nope"

  I had this HUUUUGE list of things I needed to get done today. Blog posts to write, writing projects to work on, dishes to wash, a house to clean... You know, normal life stuff that people do. Unfortunately, my brain seems to have missed the memo, and is determined to make this a "nope" day. Writing? Lol, nope. Dishes? Nope! Cleaning? Definitely nope! I don't know if I'm coming down with a bug, or just having an off day (most likely the latter), but I am so zonked. I accidentally slept the whole morning away, and have spent the rest of the time guiltily perusing Pinterest. *cough, cough*

  Maybe I'm just loopy, and in need of another nap, but I saw this dye job on ye' old Pinterest and all I can think is, "I should totally do that for my 24th birthday..."
  For the record, I have never, ever, EVER dyed my hair. I've always wanted to (granted, the idea of something this drastic never occurred 'til now), but I've never had the guts or money to do it. But hey, maybe I should make a big splash when I finally do it?

 And as an added perk, at least I'd be recognizable in public.

 "Hey! There's that Goat Song girl!"

"How do you know that's her?"

"Well who else would be walking around with hair like that??"


gz said...

try a wig....good and warm in the Winter too!

Mark Menne said...

You aren't going to do in that color, are you? Cause... Well... I can't really see you in it. :/ BTW, this is Jess. I have my own blog now! :)
Can't wait till the baby's born!!!!! Are you excited?

Tina said...

I think the colors are so vibrant and would be tempted to do it, but afraid it would destroy my hair and I would scare myself in every mirror I passed. :)

Goat Song said...

@ Tina, yeah... Those are the reasons why I haven't gone and done it immediately. ;) LOL. I love the happy colors though. I'll probably end up just doing them as peekaboo highlights, rather than the whole head.

Prairie Kari said...

My hairdresser has long hair similar style to yours and she has some dif color chunks strategically placed so if she parts her hair one way you see the red chunk, you part it the other side and it is dif color, part it in the middle and a lot of the chunks are hidden. Every time I see her she looks different but says she has had the same colors for years, just styles her hair differently to accent a different color. I don’t know how she does it but it is fab! My natural health nut side would say though you are eating for 2 now, don’t add chemical for two :( When is baby due?

Goat Song said...

Sounds like your hairdresser has some rocking awesome peekaboo highlights! Shucks, I need a hairdresser like that... Someone who knows what they're doing with dye. LOL. ;) And I wouldn't dye my hair while pregnant; my birthday is in July, so I'd have plenty of time!

And baby is due any day! The "due date" is December 3rd-ish, but that's a very loose date.