Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I'd Like To Celebrate YOU! (Free Presents Involved)

   I've been wanting to do this for years now, and am finally starting it up!! Friends, I'd like to celebrate how awesome you are here on the blog, and to do that I've decided to send a completely free, surprise gift to whoever publishes the most comments each month!!

  If you turn your attention to my sidebar, and look just below my profile image, you'll see a little widget that says "Top Commentators Of The Month", and voila! On that widget you'll see the top five commenters, how many comments each person has posted, AND you get your profile picture/blog URL attached! Woohoo! Free presents, and free publicity! 

 I was trying to save this news for December 1st, but I'm an impatient person *innocent look*. So therefore, I am starting this NOW! At the end of each month, I'll contact whoever has the honor of being the month's UH-MAZING commenter, and I'll send that lucky person some super special, handpicked treasure!

 (And for the record, no, the sheep do not get to join since they lack computers, and the ability to write trustworthy, appropriate comments.)


Sarah G said...

LOL! Caity, you're too cute. ;)

Sherry said...

Fun stuff....I followed you when you were in the great NorthWest. Looking forward to all the new things in the future...Love it.

Shiloh said...

How fun! :)

Prairie Kari said...

I don’t get this – you already give us a gift via your blog – you entertain and educate us and so many other things already! I enjoy having blog comment conversations with like-minded people and that is a gift in itself too! Count me out of the contest – I live in Canada so shipping is way more and I am used to being not eligible as I am not a US resident. And I usually have something to say and don’t want to feel I have already said my quota and be thought of as doing so just for a prize haha! And wait a minute - where does a not working – going to school, newlywed, mother to be find money to buy us gifts – you are CRAZY girl!

Goat Song said...

Kari, international readers are still allowed to receive gifts! I'm familiar with shipping outside the USA, and it's really not a big deal. I'd love it if you partook in the celebration. I really do just want to make this a special place and thank y'all for being here. But I can't do everyone at once, so I'm just doing the top commentator of each month! LOL.

And as for where the money comes from... Well, I don't know. But there's always a little here and there for me to use. :) Hubby and I are pretty frugal folks!